“The Unmoving Great Library” but you can’t borrow books from her

cuz she’s a jerk.

loves all your pixels forever

Thank You ^<^

I’m doin’ as many touhous as I can, a new pixel everyday! I’LL PROBABLY DO EM ALL  maybe. 

oh wait, also, you were the one that asked about the Dangan Ronparooos when the paywall was up, huh? It's down now, so if you're still interested in that, it's a good time to see if you like it or not!

ITS TIME TO READ dangles rumples then!


leomodesto replied to your post: IN THE END
game being in evo or not doesn’t matter cause SQUIGLY

elab-naitsirhc replied to your post: every thing hurts

oh no :( what’s wrong??

got a flu shot today and my arm still hurts. i’m not the best with needles!

but i got to skip class haaaaaa!



but but but wheres maya. But why hoew videogame VIDEOGAME

which ace attorney games have you played again

1 and just finished 2 starting the third. these videogames take awhile ok?????!!!!

leomodesto replied to your post: oh well

what are you on senior year

junior, but the profs are super demanding!

prequeltomysequel replied to your photo: why this

don’t be so picky, I’d feel proud!

its just… DANBOORU IS GROSS ok???

bbbutts replied to your photo: My lil sis is playing paper mario for the first…

wow that is a cool brush :o it came out really good!!! I lahv

yes thank ^<^ I think the brush mixes the colors for me and it was already in the thing! it’s the best thing

captainski replied to your photoset: the thing about drawing peeps from a show with…

fuck yeah bob’s burgers!! (also, same, can’t wait for season 3 either, i think it’ll start airing september, iirc)

september 30th!! really  october but still!! really lookin foward to it!

(bbbutts replied to your post: Sister… OH NO THAT’S THE

it is isnt it ;_;

(nokocchi replied to your post: Sister… !!!! oh gosh really?!? :VVVVVVVV; oh dear oh dear oh dear that’s terrible……….)

I hope photoshop can save it PHOTOSHOP FIXES EVERYTHIN RIGHT???

(also im on phone so repliying is kinda hard but IT OK)